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"We are one of the first custom on-demand testing firms in the Toronto-Waterloo corridor, and globally."

worX4you began in 2009, in Waterloo, Ontario, a university town focused on tech, engineering, and startups. Vesna had a hard time finding testers for the companies she worked with. She also noticed that the startups in town were in need of testing on an on-demand basis, but there was no one to help. She began running lunch 'n learn sessions for local startups at the Incubation Centre and Communitech, with a focus on what they needed to do to get a quality software product out the door. Soon, startups were asking for testing help, and so began the service offering of custom on-demand testing.

Mike and Vesna began helping the startups in the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor, and as more and more clients needed testing, worX4you expanded and a few more testers were trained and came on board.

Now, with over 75 clients and hundreds of projects under our belt, we are a boutique software testing team with a focus on custom solutions for your startup/scaleup, or small to medium sized business.

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