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We began as, and continue to be a remote-only team. Our biggest priority as a team is open and frequent communication with our clients. Whether via shared Slack channels, stand-ups, sprint planning, or debriefings, being able to catch software or communication issues requires open and frequent communication.

Our clients, thus far, have worked with us using either our on-demand or full-time/part-time help.


  • Retain industry and in-house knowledge by using the same tester(s) whenever needed

  • Bring fresh eyes with another member of our testing team that has not yet worked with your project

  • Call on us when you need us for big releases, or just any time you need us. We are your Quality Partner!

  • Short term or long term: we have on-demand clients that just needed one-off help, and others that have been with us for years


  • As with on-demand, we are also available for short term or long term help for either full-time or part-time testing.

  • Retain industry and in-house knowledge by using the same tester(s) 

  • Bring fresh eyes to your project with a different member of our testing team if needed

  • We can build your custom quality processes and workflows from scratch, and based on your team and stakeholder needs

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