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We assist in creating, refining or supplementing your development workflows to efficiently implement quality and testing processes. We do this by:

  • QA Processes: 

    • Build your custom QA/Testing process from scratch to meet the needs of your team and stakeholders

    • Creating, refining or supplementing your development workflows and efficiently implement a quality testing process

    • Review your current workflows and note areas where we can make things more efficient

  • Quality First and Shift Quality Left Testing by incorporating QA/Testing as early as the Discovery phase to cut down on post-development bug finding and fixing

  • Coaching and Training

    • Coaching and Training your development or qa team​

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What is it?

Shifting Quality Left is an old concept with a new catch-phrase. Many software teams are still testing post-development. Code and then test. Throw new features over the wall at QA and hope for the best!

This is by far the most expensive way to test both for QA testers, and developers that are interrupted from other work and pulled back into tickets they have completed, in order to answer questions, evaluate and fix bugs.

Typical workflow phases might look like: 

Discovery→Spec/epic writing→Coding→QA Manual/Automated→Bug fixing→Retest (repeat)→Release

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Involving QA as early as possible susses out a large chunk of uncertainty and questions a tester might typically have post-development. It also allows creation of Functional Test Cases, Exploratory Testing scenarios, as well as prioritizing what can or should be automated. It is much less expensive to “fix bugs” and answer QA questions in the Discovery and Spec writing phases, than it is in post-development. It also allows your QA team to understand the project holistically from the very beginning, instead of being surprised by functionality at the end and being rushed  to test and push to production.

Now this holistic shift-quality-left workflow might look like:

Discovery→Spec/Epic Writing→Coding→QA Manual/Automation→Release

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 8.45.23 PM.png
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Why do I need it?

Using the Shift Quality Left workflow, moves the issues that cause the pre-release QA funnel (asking questions, understanding and clarifying specs, test planning/test case writing, etc.) to the pre-coding phases. 

These QA funnel tasks found in the QA, Bug Fixing and Retesting phases in the first workflow now just become collaborative conversations that help the entire team create a complete big picture of what they are working towards building. If these tasks are left for post-code, they will indeed be more costly for the entire team due to misunderstandings, interruptions, context switching to help QA and/or fix bugs. During the rush of the Bug Fix and Retest phases, key bugs and issues will be also missed and rushed through to production.

QA is more than just something someone does before release. It is Quality that the entire team should holistically have on their minds from the very beginning of the process, through to the end. It is indeed a collaborative effort, and a much less expensive and less stressful workflow for the entire team.

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